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You’ve grown a beautiful garden and picked out some intriguing furniture to grace your deck, patio, or lawn, but you haven’t yet put the finishing touches on your design and are still considering the accessories that you could choose to accent your setup.  While your patio furniture may provide a basis from which your décor will branch out, the ultimate theme and device is completely a personal decision.

Do you like to watch birds that seem to have an affinity for your backyard?  Perhaps a couple of copper bird feeders would be appropriate, inviting your feathered friends to dinner.  Such decorative devices can also add a certain style to your design.  Also, if you happen to have a lot of humming birds in your area, glass humming bird feeders are beautiful additions to your décor and can draw hundreds of the flying creatures from all around to your yard.

Perhaps you like the idea of being able to enjoy your yard year-round but the winter is just not quite warm enough for you to be comfortable out there in the middle of January.  Adding patio heaters to your life can make all the difference in the world.  If you are just heating a small area, a chiminea can heat a rather large patio, and one or two small outdoor heaters can cover a small yard.  This addition to your home garden décor can make your barbecue pit useful no matter what the season.

For many, the whole point of lawn and garden décor is for relaxation, and some of the best devices to promote such a sense of laziness on hot summer days are glider rocking chairs.  Unlike standard chairs, they don’t require much force to glide back and forth and can instill peace and comfort, almost creating a trancelike condition as you sip a cold drink.  Of course, outdoor rocking chairs can also give this affect, also adding an old-fashioned appeal to the look of the décor.

Other types of home and garden décor you may consider are fountains, statues, and bird baths.  Little concrete statues of fairies, toadstools, and gnomes can be cute additions to your garden, while a birdbath or fountain can grace your yard.  A bench may be welcome beneath a tree, or a picnic table may invite guests.  Even a swing hung from a tree branch or a rock garden can be a great accessory in your yard.

Be creative in your endeavors to design a personal space in your yard that you can share with others.  Throw yourself into the task with a whole heart so that friends and neighbors can see who you are through your design.  Most of all, choose décor that you love and that makes you feel at home.